The Mist

Lids close,
mind sleeps,
an alter world we seek,
Leaving this universe and entering yet another.

I’m out of time, with none to spare,
I run and run with no aim in sight..

Poking around Pike Place

….we were soon greeted by the chaotic charm of Pike Place Market. There were a plethora of things going on right below the main Public Market sign around the end of Pike Street. The first of these that greeted us was the ‘Free Hugs’ sign being held up by three people who were (no prizes for guessing it) giving out free hugs!

The Intolerance Bug

..we have evolved to a collective state of equal exchange, where one is returned in kind. Theoretically, this is all good when it comes to materialistic purposes but for societal issues, this tends to be a wee bit too problematic.