The Mist

Lids close,

mind sleeps,

an alter world we seek,

Leaving this universe and entering yet another.


I’m out of time, with none to spare,

I run and run with no aim in sight,

The race goes on with no face to meet,

I seek a familiar but none I see.


Walking through the mist feeling my way about,

Shadows flit past and surround me in the dark,

I try to grab hold but they just slip away,

Leaving just my faithful one standing by my side.


Little glimpses I see of times gone by,

And of maybe some yet to come,

Reminding me of what could have been,

and what did not, had I just taken another path.


I see the fall and run to catch,

As I hadn’t before, wanting to sit and pore,

What did I know, that a shadow at the corner of my eye,

Could be so much more.


Knowing how it ends but still I try,

Each step I take frozen in time,

Wish for a time-turner so I can move ahead,

But form shoots down, while I stay still.


Suddenly my feet spring out taking a life of their own,

Bridging the gap, but not breaking the fall,

My hands head out the last inch,

And just as my fists close, a new brightness takes over.


I’m left grasping at thin air, as I was before,

Hoping for something so much more,

But alas it‘s just a dream,

The mist of my past come to haunt yet again.


P.S. From the ‘Gurukul‘ archives of 2011.

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